Hi, this is Farzad Chokan. I am Master of Science Civil Engineering - Construction Engineering and Management student at University of Tehran. I mostly devote my time to studying, doing research and teaching. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I tried to focus on my interests such as computer integrated modeling, management skills, computer programming and computer use in civil engineering. Feel free to surf different sections of my website. It is highly recommended starting surfing the website from Biography section.
The latest version of my CV through is available through the link below. CV Version = May 2016

Why Construction Management?

Lack of management can lead to devastating failures in engineering fields, even though specialists are used. Iran, my home country, is suffering from lack of management skills in all aspects especially the construction industry.

By studying Construction Engineering and Management in Civil Engineering, I want to step forward in improving management field in construction industry. I want to fulfill my responsibility toward my country with my knowledge and tools. Most of Iran's budget is devoted to construction industry due to the reason that Iran is a third world country. Therefore, Construction Engineering and Management seems like the best choice for me to impress a positive impact on my country. Read more


As a Civil Engineering student, I am so interested in researches, which made me start researching early in the undergraduate degree. My interests and ambitions in learning computer skills and computer programming encouraged me to conduct researches in modeling and simulations. Engaging in research activities led me to get in the process of publishing some papers. For further details about papers, checkResearch Section of the website.

Working and Teaching Experiances

To use theoretical knowledge in practical issues, I tried my best to organize my time to earn work experiences beside academic activities. I spent most of the summers to earn experiences in building and construction methods and to understand problems that engineers confront at the construction phase.

I was also able to achieve FORTRAN Programming teaching assistant position, due to my interest and experiences in computer skills. In addition, I was tutor of MATLAB programming for some students.Read more