1) Teaching assistant of FORTRAN computer programming
As I ranked first in the FORTRAN computer programming course, I asked Dr. Ameri, teacher of this course, to consider me as one of choices for teaching assistant (TA). After the evaluation, I was chosen to be the TA of this course. Being a TA for 3 semesters was a significant experience for me, which developed a wide range of skills. Through this experience, I improved my communication and knowledge conveying skills, which are the most basic requirements of being a TA. In addition, I gained skills and self-confidence of how to talk in front of people.


2) Tutor of MATLAB programming
Learning one of the computer programming languages makes the way easier for learning other languages. As MATLAB is one of the useful programming languages for academic researches and course projects, I decided to learn it as a professional user. Most of my course projects are conducted with MATLAB.
I spent my spare time being the tutor of MATLAB for students who wanted to learn MATLAB and use it in their course projects. This teaching process includes both basic and comprehensive knowledge of MATLAB. It was also a perfect experience for me to improve my communication and information conveying skills.