1. Short Academic Biography

In 2006, I was admitted to NODET High School (National Organization for Developing Exceptional Talents). During High School, I focused mostly on physics and mathematics courses, which led me to receive First Place Award in Physics Laboratory Contest in Gonbad-e-Qabus, Iran. My Extracurricular activities consist of improving computer skills as Visual Basic Programming and Graphic Designing with Adobe Photoshop.

In 2010, I ranked 929 among 277,000 participants in Nation-Wide University Entrance Exam. I was admitted to AmirKabir University of Technology, which is one of the top 3 universities in Iran, and also considered as Exceptionally Talented students based on Nation-Wide University Exam.

In 2016, I ranked 48 among 25,000 participants in Nation-Wide University Entrance Exam of Civil Engineering. I was admitted to University of Tehran, which is the most top university in Iran.

I am currently aMaster of Science student in the Department of Civil Engineering at University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. I have conducted researches in construction management major concentrating on modeling and optimization of construction projects. I have earned work experience in constructing of concrete frame and steel frame buildings. My supervision of making Custom Welded Beams (CW beams) includes rich experience in welding and steel frames buildings. Being Teaching Assistant (TA) of FORTRAN Programming not only has increased my teaching and communication skills, but also has led me toward modeling and simulations. Coordinating Second International Conference of ‘Energy Trends in Energy Conservation’ (ETEC) can also be considered as my management experiences.

2. Ambitions and Reasons to Choose Construction Management

Lack of management can lead to devastating failures in engineering fields, even though best specialists are used. Iran, my home country, is suffering from lack of management skills in all aspects especially the construction industry. Construction industry plays a crucial role in third world countries’ development. Unfortunately, bribery and dishonesty have led unskilled managers to take the lead of construction projects, which has resulted in high cost and low quality construction. Therefore, business gets inefficient, which increases the poverty and unemployment rate. In my opinion, I do believe that these situations have to be changed, and I want to contribute to this change.
I want everything to be done perfectly, due to my perfectionist character. My comprehensive knowledge of Civil engineering and unique features of character makes me strive to improve tasks to their best possible state. I think that these features of my character discriminates me from other managers.

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